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Engineer Jose Ventura

Emanuel Jose da Conceicao Ventura, better known as Engineer Jose Ventura, for being the name he became known in the radio world when he modeled a very successful radio program in Portugal called '' City By Night '', Born in Luanda on 10/29/1976, the capital city of Angola and one of the descendants of the Duke of Chiasi, a figure of the Nobility of Cabinda, leaves his Angolan country and goes to Portugal, where he acquires various academic training, he makes a military career where receives recognition for his technical work in the areas of Maintenance of general equipment. Later he graduated in safety engineering and Mechatronics. He currently lives in Switzerland, assuming leadership positions in the area of maintenance of 5-star hotels where his work has been highly appreciated. He likes music, electric guitar player in his spare time and producer of arts. He also made a great contribution to the scientific community where his recognition as Senior Technical Engineer stands out